5th October 2021

Should gamification be part of your 2022 loyalty scheme strategy?

Gamification can be a useful tool for your customer loyalty scheme. This blog explores gamification in B2B incentive schemes & offers 5 tips for your 2022 strategy.

There are 2.7 billion gamers in the world. From mobile games to professional tournaments, there is no doubt that the games market is a lucrative one. Throughout the pandemic, the average amount of hours per week spent playing mobile games increased to 10.9 hours. This highlights an opportunity for customer loyalty programmes to encourage engagement by including games within its strategy.

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How does Gamification Work in B2B Incentive Schemes?

When envisioning gamification in a loyalty scheme you could be faced with imagery of a spinning wheel, maybe you’re aiming to land on a free drink or double points with your next purchase. This is a great example of gamification in B2C, but what about the same tactic for B2B?

While at the root of it both B2B and B2C marketing is about communicating and connecting with people on an individual level, 63% of B2B audiences suggest that a connection is not being formed.

An approach that can be taken when looking to nurture relationships and promote customer loyalty within B2B brands, branches, and businesses is to stand out. You can do this by adding games to your marketing strategy.

Games can it help you to stand out, build relationships and customer loyalty but it can also encourage engagement, source leads, and sales, and even has the potential to grow event attendance.

Which Type of Game Should You Use?

There are a variety of different factors that can be used to determine the type of game you implement. While there is a need to consider budget, timeframe, and additional resource requirements, the most important aspect should be your customer.

From puzzles to quick play games, an audience will gravitate towards games that suit their needs and interests.

You need to consider who your customers are, how they communicate and interact with your business and, how much time they have. The more you know about your audience, the more educated your decision can be.

Games Reward your Customers and Promote Conversions

Rewarding your customers through interactive games can capture attention and influence engagement. When customers engage with your game, they are demonstrating their interest.

You can develop this interest by educating your audience about the products, services, and resources at their disposal. Not only can this promote consideration for your brand but it can positively influence conversions.

5 Tips & Takeaways of Gamification and Loyalty Reward Schemes:

  1. If you aren’t ready to launch a permanent game, you can try out your strategy as part of a holiday promotion.
  2. Rather than hosting a competition, minimise the chance of cheating by offering a prize draw.
  3. Always put the audience at the centre of your gamification strategy.
  4. The primary aim of a game is to create a connection, the secondary aim is to aid conversions.
  5. See if you can incorporate promotions and offers that are available through your game across multi-channel campaigns.

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