Real Results

Unlocking Potential

We’re passionate about making a real difference. We’re totally focussed on driving real results in terms of sales and profit growth. So, take a look at these figures to see the real results we have achieved for our clients.

Lowest spending accounts see the highest growth rate.

Prior to participating in a Loyalty Works scheme, our clients’ accounts were underperforming. But once included the results speak for themselves.

Data insight from the Loyalty Works Megafile

Our insights reveal if an account leaves a scheme

they quickly drop in YOY value...

When accounts take part in one of our reward schemes they become more valuable by spending more with our clients. Our analysis of accounts that then leave their scheme highlights that their spend levels then decline on average by 27% over the next year. This underlines the impact that a Loyalty Works scheme has on sales behaviour.

Our Proven Approach

Who our customers are

Our reward schemes are designed for a very particular type of client. They are especially suited to the circumstances and business needs of distributor businesses, serving large account bases.

Our Customers

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