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Our schemes are tailored to fit with trade distributors. Regional builders’ merchants, plumbers’ merchants, electrical wholesalers, painting & decorating suppliers, tool and plant hire and flooring distributors are all ideally suited to Loyalty Works schemes because they share many common business challenges and characteristics.

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Shared challenges

Intense competition from the big nationals

Bigger companies with bigger buying power and bigger marketing budgets applying pressure to your bottom line.

Large customer base

The branch network will usually serve a total account base of thousands, or in some cases tens of thousands of customers.

Large volume of disloyal accounts

Undertaking a lot of jobs over the year, they purchase frequently according to job need and have a number of accounts open with a number of distributors. They maximise their credit facilities and buy based on convenience to their job’s location. They are responsive to incentives for switching their purchasing behaviour.

Shared characteristics

Broad product range

The nature of your sector means you offer a range of specialist trade products. Often involving strong relationships with key manufacturer product suppliers, who are also interested in improving their profile and sales to the widest range of your customer accounts.

Long tail of smaller customers

These are often overlooked as it is difficult to find resource to develop this large volume but high overall potential low and infrequent spending accounts.

Owner/proprietor customers

Over 70% of the customers in our schemes are owners, MD’s or proprietors. They usually make the purchasing decisions and like rewards that benefit them directly.

What our customers say

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"We chose Loyalty Works because they gave us a lot more flexibility... their experience was invaluable. It’s a great scheme, I would definitely recommend Loyalty Works" David Kilburn, CEO, MKM

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