Our Approach

Our proven approach

Everything we do follows our tried and tested approach, ensuring it works for you. We have three key performance drivers to our schemes:

1 Specialist Sector Knowledge
2 Smart Data and Technology
3 Our Growth Principle
Our proven approach

We are Specialists

Loyalty Works specialise in improving low and infrequent spending accounts.

We are different to the many agencies, consultancies and event management organisations who offer generic loyalty services because we focus our schemes on real results and those that influence behaviour.

Delivering a specialist capability, not a generic loyalty scheme, assures better results, built on a specific understanding of the customer needs, securing real competitive differentiation for our clients.

Our proven approach

Smart Data and Smart Technology

Loyalty Works use data to target and influence the right outcome. We use decision science built upon wide and specific experience and insight, combined with data and technology process management to implement and manage tailored schemes.

At Loyalty Works, we understand how to make the most of your data. We use our knowledge and skills to target and influence the sales behaviour of your accounts. Supported by practical knowhow we have the capabilities to deliver tailored and personalised schemes for our clients – making it very easy for you to access the benefits of introducing a scheme 'hassle free'.

We are smart with data, picking out the optimum opportunities to target, segment, influence, and learn about the client’s customers.

Loyalty Works generate very useful customer insight and feedback. We gain insight from our analysis of purchasing behaviour, and we also get direct feedback from customers through surveys and through contact with them when handling queries directly.

We make sense of this insight, reporting back on what we have found and making appropriate recommendations so that the client can take advantage.

Whilst being smart with data, we’re also smart with technology. All our schemes are delivered without any onerous IT involvement from our clients.

Our proven approach

Our Growth Principle

The science that ensures Loyalty Works really works

We’ve mastered the cause and effect behind delivering better returns for your effort and budget – our Growth Principle optimises performance and delivers higher profit margins for you.

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