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Deliver customer engagement campaigns to drive behaviour

Delivering the right customer engagement campaigns for your business will boost brand awareness, generate sales growth from your low spending customers, and secure retention and loyalty from your higher spending customers.

Loyalty Works campaigns are...

Tailored around your strategy

Whether you’re looking for a reward scheme for your low spending customers to drive sales growth, or regular promotional campaigns to keep your full database engaged, we’ll work with you as a customer experience consultant to ensure every opportunity is maximised.

Re-activate lapsed and dormant accounts Find out more >
Increase loyalty and retention Find out more >
Support your customer acquisition strategy Find out more >

Re-activate lapsed and dormant accounts

Our experience has taught us that there is often an untouched pot of gold sitting within your database from low spending and dormant accounts. We will work with you as a customer experience consultant to craft a customer reward scheme that encourages customers to change their purchasing behavior, and choose you as their preferred supplier every time; creating long term sales growth and customer loyalty.

Real Results

Increase loyalty and retention

It may be likely that you require a different approach for different areas of your database. A customer experience consultant can bring a tailored approach for varying spend levels, we can drive not only sales growth and re-activation from your dormant and low spending customers, but we can also ensure your valued high spending customers retain sales and remain loyal amongst fierce competition.

Our proven approach

Support your customer acquisition strategy

Whether it’s a long term customer reward scheme, or one off incentive campaigns, we can enhance your strategy to attract new business and give you a competitive edge.

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Surprise and delight your customers…

Show your customers how much you care with a selection of surprise and delight campaigns, designed to make your customers feel valued and drive further customer engagement.

Increase ROI with your key customers

Customer engagement campaigns provide the perfect opportunity to involve your key partnerships. By inviting them to promote their products to your customers for a contribution to the campaign costs, you will see sales growth from high margin products, and your key partners will increase sales and brand awareness.

What We Do

Virtual events

We are not only experts in customer engagement campaigns, but also as event specialists.

As the world around us adapts, so might the way you deliver events and incentive trips for your valued customers. Get in touch to find out how a virtual event could work for your business – these can prove to be more cost effective and interactive than physical events.

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