What We Do

Turn low spenders into higher spenders

Many distributors focus heavily on their higher value accounts and their regular customers, rather than their low-spending and inactive customers. We tailor our schemes to switch buying behaviour away from your competitors, turning your lower spenders into valuable repeat spending customers for you.

Loyalty Works schemes work...

For you

By encouraging your low-spending and irregular spending accounts to spend more with you.

Make lapsed and dormant accounts spend Find out more >
Create long term growth opportunities Find out more >
Schemes can also support your customer acquisition strategy Find out more >

Make lapsed and dormant accounts spend

Loyalty Works research highlights the opportunity for targeted impact upon these types of account. Having run multiple programmes for a range of distributors across the UK we have achieved unparalleled uplifts in spend across underperforming accounts.

Real Results

Create long term growth opportunities

You may have similar issues to other distributors - where you have a long tail of your account base that performs poorly, with low spend and frequency. Loyalty Works have proven schemes that target these notoriously difficult types of account to improve their value to your business. The scope for growth is huge, which will give you a long term opportunity to exploit.

Our proven approach

Schemes can also support your customer acquisition strategy

A Loyalty Works scheme can also be used as a promotion scheme, to attract new business, giving you a competitive edge - even over the nationals and their own promotions.

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Loyalty Works schemes work...

For your resellers

You can make a scheme work for a key reseller too – giving them access to the scheme, making it available to their accounts – as well as providing a further reason for them to tie to your business. A Loyalty Works scheme will directly encourage sales and profit growth for both parties.

Loyalty Works schemes work

For your key suppliers

A Loyalty Works scheme provides the perfect opportunity to involve and benefit your key supplier partnerships too – you could invite them to promote their products to your customers for a contribution to the cost of the scheme. It is possible to achieve very significant cost subsidies by opening up access to your scheme.

What We Do

Incentivise and motivate

Understanding how a customer’s mind works helps us to influence their buying behaviour.

Loyalty Works have a real understanding of behavioural science and how to apply it to influence purchase decision making. Through our research and data analysis we have a huge amount of customer audience insight. This deep insight informs the incentives we use to influence purchase behaviour – it’s what makes the incentives so effective.

Personal rewards appeal to owner managers of small businesses, and self-employed tradesmen. Using travel and shopping vouchers, cards or e-codes, we incentivise these target customers. Our sector insight enables us to tailor reward levels to be relevant and appeal specifically to this audience.

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