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Flexible Features

Build better performance into your scheme with our range of flexible features. You can customise your scheme to suit your specific business needs, boosting overall performance.

Creating your framework for growth
Flexible Features

Contact Builder

Create email and SMS contacts to encourage participation, branch visits, ordering, and to keep in touch with customers – all key to improving your response rates and results.

Arrow Set predefined triggers for contacts

You can automatically include customers for contact based on their own account’s activity or status, rather than general customer data set activity. Triggers such as periodic sales performance and progress will ensure you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Arrow Improve results with selective targeting

All customers should not be treated the same and with Loyalty Works they don’t have to be. Selective targeting lets you identify particular groups within your customer data and send them content specifically designed for them – whether that’s different reward levels, different targets or different levels of content.

Arrow E-shots

Loyalty Works delivers over 660,000 targeted e-shots per year on behalf of our clients. E-mails are a core component of the communications programme.

  • Remind customers of their participation in the scheme
  • Drive them to the website to view their progress towards their targets and present key messages
Arrow SMS campaigns
  • Choose to deliver key messages to segmented groups of your customers, to drive the behaviour you want
  • We will create a scheme that integrates with your marketing plan both in terms of branding and focus on key messages, products and services
Data Builder

Data Builder

Accurate customer data is an asset to your business. Our data cleansing process can be undertaken during the initial scheme customer recruitment & registration phase, ensuring your account database and contact details are up to date and accurate.

Up to date data is important:

  • Reduces customer service costs
  • Prevents issues that could damage your company reputation
  • Improves the effectiveness of your own marketing and sales activity
Promotion Builder

Promotion Builder

Create and manage additional promotional components to your own scheme. Loyalty Works provides complete flexibility to do so, across a wide range of criteria:

  • Time period
  • Locations – choose what areas you want to include or exclude in your scheme
  • Customer groups – select who gets the scheme and who doesn’t, allowing for targeted investment and targeted return
  • Product categories – allows you to tie the scheme to specific product types –particularly useful should you want a key supplier to subsidise your scheme
  • Tailored ‘other’ variables – specify your own criteria – this could be linked to specific questions you may add at the registration stage
Reporting Builder

Reporting Builder

Specify tailored reporting based on:

  • Activity
  • Profile
  • KPIs and/or research driven
Roadmap for growth

Roadmap for growth

Your Loyalty Works scheme creates feedback results that you can use to inform strategic decision making. Ultimately, you can turn this information into a ‘roadmap for growth’ that is aligned to your business growth plans and competitive advantage. To build this we will work with you to review and assess your:

  • Target product groups – where do you have a potential advantage in terms of range, brand or price?
  • Target competitors – against which competitors do you have a competitive advantage and why?
  • Target locations – in which geographical locations do you have a competitive advantage?

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