2nd June 2021

5 ways gamification can boost your customer loyalty scheme!

Looking to retain your customers, boost their loyalty, and do this by offering engaging and fun content? Well, you may now need more than a standard rewards programme to encourage deeper loyalty and that’s where gamification comes into play! Gamification can offer a rewarding experience, sense of excitement and encourages customers to learn and explore.

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How to choose the best loyalty scheme for you

Retaining customers is vital for success in any business and a loyalty scheme can be an effective way to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Whilst attracting new customers is important, it can also be an expensive cost. So it is key to make sure you retain your customers once you’ve won them over.

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How does customer data help drive a successful loyalty scheme?

Customer’s expectations of brands and businesses are ever-evolving and in periods of economic uncertainly, something as little as price sensitivity could sway a customer to reach out to another brand. For this reason, many businesses turn to implementing a loyalty scheme as a quick win to reward and retain their customers, but what are they missing by not taking the time to find out the 'who' and the 'what' behind each customer?

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What are the benefits of a Customer Loyalty Scheme?

Over the past year, many businesses have come to realise that retaining customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. The pandemic has altered many customers' behaviour, resulting in them becoming more selective when it comes to value and loyalty. To get ahead and turn customers into ‘brand loyalists’ businesses will require a repeatable process that incentivises them.

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10 Reasons Loyalty Programmes Are Essential for Marketers in 2021

The concept of loyalty marketing is not a controversial one amongst marketers. Yet, so many choose to ignore it or not give it the size of the budget or planning it deserves when creating yearly strategies, resulting in many businesses missing a trick.

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