10th January 2022

5 Trends you need to implement in your 2022 consumer loyalty scheme!

As we approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, the lives of consumers and the way businesses operate continue to be dramatically altered and impacted. Businesses have had to redefine their relationships with consumers as they evolve to meet ever-changing expectations accelerated by the pandemic and the continuing digital transformation in the market.

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Why should Employee Recognition be all year round and not just for Christmas?

The right employee reward scheme can retain staff, boost productivity and increase employee engagement tenfold, there's a reason why 91% of HR professionals support recognition and reward schemes, especially in employee retention!

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The Next Level of Consumer Loyalty, What Can Mobile Devices Achieve for Your Business?

Level up your company’s loyalty programme by taking it digital! From endless data collection opportunities to increased consumer engagement the benefits have never been clearer.

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Should gamification be part of your 2022 loyalty scheme strategy?

Gamification can be a useful tool for your customer loyalty scheme. This blog explores gamification in B2B incentive schemes & offers 5 tips for your 2022 strategy.

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Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Setting up a Loyalty Scheme!

At first glance, the concept surrounding loyalty schemes appears relatively straightforward, but in amongst the preparation, development, and implementation, it’s more than easy to make a few slip-ups.

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