21st May 2020

5 reasons why employee engagement is important

Employee engagement is a term that can be understood differently. Some might say it means enthusiastic employees, whereas others say that it means happy or satisfied employees.

Employee engagement describes people who are committed to their work, the goals of their company and their values. Engaged employees show up and are involved, not only because they’re paid to be, but because they’re invested, emotionally or otherwise.

We all know how important a workforce is to any company. A good workforce is part of your company’s product and brand. A competent and engaged workforce, all working towards common goals, should be the main objective of any company wanting to succeed.

1. Engaged employees boost productivity

Reports show that employees who are invested in their roles are more productive than those who aren’t. It’s been proven over and over again that engaged employees are more productive than their less engaged counterparts.

Employees who are succeeding and feeling good about their contributions to your company are naturally more likely to be proud to work for your company, be happy to come to work each day, and feel valued.


2. Employee engagement increases customer satisfaction

People who are passionate about their work are the best people to interact with your customers. Customers are treated to a better experience when dealing with engaged employees. Thus increasing customer satisfaction.


3. You’ll retain your best people

Engaged employees are involved and invested in their roles and are therefore less likely to leave their job. Keeping them engaged is absolutely essential in keeping them within your organisation and doing their best work – meaning you’ll also save costs on recruiting new employees.


4. Employee engagement enhances company culture

Engaged employees are much more likely to adopt and live your company values every day at work and will appreciate being recognised across your organisation for doing exactly this. Celebrating your most engaged team members is one step towards creating a culture of engagement and creating a culture that all employees want to be a part of and play a part in.


5. Engaged employees = success

Engagement is a symptom of success all round, including business success, team success and personal success. Everyone feels like they are making a meaningful impact at work.

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